Western Air Gaging Products

  • Millicheck features include a high resolution circular LCD display with four decade digital display and selectable ranges. This unit is powered by 4 ‘D’ cell batteries with a minimum life of 3 months. An optional 120 – 250 VAC power adapter is available.
  • Air Snap offer a convenient way to check crankshaft journals or similar parts.
  • Air Probe Styles vary depending on how close the air jets are to the leading edge of the probe body. “Thru-hole” style probes have gaging nozzles located near the center of the probe body. “Blind” or “Super-blind” probe styles have nozzles located near the leading edge.
  • Air Ring The air ring has a precision ground hardened steel body with built-in air gage nozzles. When the ring is slipped over the workpiece, the resulting back pressure is sensed by the air gage readout and displayed as the diameter of the part. Air rings come in 2 and 3-jet configurations. The 3-jet air ring checks for 3-lobe out-of-round conditions prevalent in centerless ground parts that can not be detected with a 2-point gage.
  • MICRO IIi Air Gage Readout Feature digital displays, USB and RS-232 serial data outputs for S.P.C. data logging. These air gage readouts incorporate precision ceramic pressure sensors that provide stability from drift not found in competitive instruments. Both single and dual master air gage members can be operated by these versatile instruments.