Custom Gage Gallery

How often have you been unable to find what you need by looking through a catalog? Many measurements require specialized equipment, and we are experts at solving tough measurement challenges. That is the core of our business. We carry many established lines at competitive prices, and have built complex inspection systems, bringing together the best from several companies. However, there are a great number of situations for which there is no readily available “off the shelf” solution, yet you still need an effective measurement tool for the task.

To break it down, “Custom” really just means that it is unique.  Every solution that is built requires a design – hence “Design and Build”.  These solutions can be as simple as modifying an existing gage or instrument to give it more/better/different functionality, or can be as complex as designing a fixture to check a large number of features at one time, automatically or manually.  Regardless of your need, we can help you develop a solution for it, and often for less than you might think.  We can also help you set up work instructions, if necessary. Contact one of our gaging engineers to discuss how viable “Custom” gages really are.  You may be surprised at how easy it can be.

Below are some examples of simple solutions we have developed for our customers.  In every case, the customer determined exactly what they wanted to accomplish, and we worked within those boundaries to find a solution that worked.  We don’t like to spend money where we don’t need to, and neither do our customers.  We look for simple, economic ways to accomplish your objectives without costing a lot of money.  We are not getting wealthy, but we do make a living working hard for satisfied customers and enjoy doing it.  Give us a call.