Mahr Caliper Type

  • MarCal 16 Digital caliper The handy non-slip thumb support ensures, even in contaminated working conditions, trouble-free handling and therefore reliable measuring results
  • MarCal 16 Pointed Jaws Caliper for measuring distances between grooves
  • MarCal 16 Groove and Recess Caliper Outward-angled measuring tips for measuring recesses in bores
  • MarCal 30 Digital depth gage with integrated wireless
  • Nonius Caliper Glare-free reading, hardened steel, raised guideways to protect the scale and provide the maximum accuracy.
  • Dial Caliper Large, high-contrast dial and shock-protected measuring tool for lasting precision. A tried and tested mechanical design for fast and safe reading.
  • Many other types of calipers available please contact us