Gradient Lens BoreScope

  • Hawkeye Rigid Borescope Our rigid borescope & inspection cameras are cost effective and best suited for the inspection of machine parts, welded tubes, and some simpler castings.
  • Flexible Fiberoptic Borescope The flexible fiberoptic borescope is perfect for curved path use and the complex casting found in cylinder heads, engine blocks, bent tubes, fuel rails, and hydraulic lines.
  • Hawkeye Video Borescopes Our fully integrated and portable Hawkeye video borescope systems are the best choice when it comes to a reliable, mission critical inspection that uses complex casting and intricate pathways. 
  • Luxxor® Tube Camera (LTC Camera) The New Luxxor LTC Camera attaches to any Hawkeye® Rigid or Flexible Borescope, transforming it into a portable or benchtop video scope.