Fowler Depth Gage

  • Standard Style Bluetooth depth gage – For basic, easy access depth measurements and blind bore depths, 4″ measuring base. 8″ & 12.5″ base attachments available. Available in 3 ranges. 8″, 12″ & 19″
  • Interchangeable Anvil Bluetooth Depth Gage With Mono-Plane Measuring Probe – Measure normal or inverted positions using the same probe
  • Rotary Pin Bluetooth Depth Gage – Measuring pin can be positioned parallel or perpendicular to the base. Supplied with 1.5mm adjustable pin.
  • 0-22″ X-Depth Electronic Depth Gage – Provides rapid electronic display measurement of hole depths.
  • Many other types of Depth Gages are available, please contact us with your gaging needs