Fowler Caliper Types

  • Gear Tooth Digital Caliper is used for the testing of gear teeth. The vertical scale measures the depth of teeth from the top to the pitch line, and the horizontal scale measures the thickness of teeth in the pitch line.
  • Fowler-Sylvac Ultralight IV Built in Bluetooth transmitter, Long range jaws, Movable left and right jaws
  • Ultra-Cal VI Electronic Caliper 4-way measurement, inside, outside,, depth and step (6″ and 8″ models)
  • Fowler Micron 0.00005″ BLUETOOTH Electronic Caliper High resolution 0.00005″/0.001mm
  •  Fowler Flip-Plus Electronic Caliper The flip display allows right or left handed operation and can also be positioned for top viewing
  • Snap-Cal Caliper Inch, Metric & Fraction reading is ideal for measuring a wide range of materials from metal, plastics and glass to small wires, fibers and paper.
  • Many other types of calipers available please contact us