Fowler Bore Gage

  • Electronic Holemike Bluetooth – Internal Micrometers have been designed to further simplify the accurate measurement of bores.
  • XTender Dial Bore Gage Set – Easy-to-read with 1.4″ to 6″ range or 35 to 160mm
  • 2-Point Small Bore – Designed specifically for the measurement of small bores between 1.0 – 6.0 mm. 
  • Holematic Pistol Grip Bluetooth – The pistol grip handle incorporates a constant measuring pressure to eliminate operator “feel.” Extended travel with fixed anvils.
  • Vernier Bore Gages – Mechanical two and three point bore micrometers are now available as XT extended travel holemikes, allowing a wide measurement range without the need to interchange anvils.
  • Many other types of bore gages are available, please contact us with your gaging needs