Flexbar Caliper Types

  • Digital Multi-Gage Kits The Flexbar Digital Multi-Gage System provides  highly effective and economical solution for a myriad of measurement applications. 
  • DIGIT-MET® Universal Style Caliper 4-way measurement – inside, outside, depth and step
  • Flexbar Combo Rotor -Drum Gage Complete kit includes Combi-Gage, 2″ Calibration Gage, Deluxe Blow Molded Case & Instructions.
  • Dual Reading Dial Caliper Ranges: 0-6″ and 0-150mm, .001″/.02mm grad. 0-12″ and 0-300mm, .001″/.02mm grad. Inch/Metric reading dial with independently moving hands reads inch and metric simultaneously. Complete with fitted case.
  • Digi-Met Aqua Universal Style Caliper Coolant, Water and Oil Resistant