Flexbar BoreScope

  • Sharp-View™ Rigid BoreScopes and MicroboreScopes Featuring Superb Quality Optics Which Provide Clear, Bright Images For Any Standard Industrial Application.
  • Flexbar Wireless Small Hole Inspection System Powered by 30x variable magnification, this innovative device streams high quality live video (at 30fps) to a computer or TV, enabling the user to view and record crystal clear images or videos.
  • Internal Bore Video Measurement/Inspection System Inspects bores with precise vertical control
  • Long Bore Inspection Camera System Features Wide Angle, High Resolution Viewing up to 10 Meters
  • LED Powered Fiber Optic Illuminator A High Output, Long Life, Energy Efficient Light Source Offering Optimal Performance Similar to Higher Consumption Halogen Illuminators. Features Precision Engineered Cooling System.