Dorsey Bore Gage

  • Dorsey Dial extra length bore gage – All extra length bore gage tubing are now provided with carbon fiber extensions that are lighter weight, more thermally stable, and structurally stronger.
  • Dorsey Retractable bore gage – Feature a series of 24 interchangeable heads and 2 handles to accommodate the complete range of diameters between .236″ and 7.87″.
  • ID Indicating Plug gage – Indicating plug gages are used for repetitive bore measurement applications where extreme accuracy is important.
  • Dorsey standard bore gage – Rugged production line bore gages has been an industry standard for more than 75 years
  • Dorsey Standard Large bore gage – A time proven design expanded to measure large bore sizes
  • Many other types of bore gages are available, please contact us with your gaging needs