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Home Line Card - Gages

Stop searching through catalogs! Call us and let us help you find what you are looking for.  Our main goal is to help you overcome any measurement challenge.  To accomplish this, we have developed partnerships with many organizations that offer products and services over the full spectrum of measurement related needs.

Below are a number of the companies we are proud to work with.  However, genius is where you find it, and we are not afraid to seek out a solution that may not be within our current scope.  Feel free to browse around the site to get an idea of the many areas we can support your measurement functions.  Once you agree that we can help you, download the printed copy of the line card to share with others in your organization or network, then give us a call.


CLICK HERE for a printable copy of this line card!!


Barcor Logo

Barcor Inc.

  • Comprehensive selection of standard Chamfer, Countersink, and Hole Gages
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Accurate and Repeatable
  • Unconditionally Guaranteed
  • All American Made

Becker Quality Solutions

  • Software Development
  • Reaction Plan Development
  • Onsite Training and support
  • CMM Part Programming and Training
  • CMM Application Engineering
Bowers Logo

Bowers Metrology

  • Bore Gaging
  • Shop floor measurement
  • Cost Effective Quality Solutions
Brown and Sharpe Logo

Brown and Sharpe

  • CMM Equipment - Gantry, Bridge, Horizontal Arm, Ultra High Accuracy, Lab/Shop Floor Machines, Probes
  • Vision Systems
  • Hand Tools - Height Gages, Calipers, Micrometers, Bore Gages, Surface Finish, Indicators, Gage Blocks, Layout Equipment
CDI Indicator Logo

Chicago Dial Indicator

  • Indicators - Dial, Electronic, and Remote
  • Indicator Accessories - Stands, Tips, etc.
  • Depth Gages
  • Portable Thickness Gages
CDI Torque Logo

CDI Torque

  • Torque Wrenches
  • Torque Screwdrivers
  • Torque Testers
  • Torque Multipliers
Carbide Probes Logo

Carbide Probes

  • Specialized probes / contacts for many applications
  • Dial Test Indicator Probes
  • AGD Indicator Contacts
  • CMM Replacement Stylii
  • Surface Finish Stylii


Diatest Logo


  • High precision, indicating bore gages
  • Plug Gages
  • Split Ball
  • Chamfer Gages
  • Thread Depth Gages
  • Gear Gages
Dorsey Logo


  • Optical Comparators
  • Diameters - Bore Gages / Setmasters, Retractable Bore Gages, Indication Disc Gages, Bench Comparators, Internal Pitch Diameter Gages, Adjustable Limit and Variable Snap Gages, Large Diameter Gages
  • Concentricity Gages
  • Laser Micrometers
Dyer Logo

Dyer Gage

  • Bore Gages - No-Tipping Bore Gages, Small and Large Bore, Shallow and Blind Holes, Spherical Bore
  • Special Application gages for Chamfer, Parallel Width, Depth, Height
  • Groove Gages
  • Min-Wall, Thickness Gages
  • Set Masters
Etalon Logo


  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Pistol Grip Bore Gages
  • Measuring Microscope
  • Electronic Length Measurement Systems
FixLogix Logo


  • Modular systems for part fixturing
  • CMM Fixtures
  • Optical Fixtures
  • Vision Fixtures


Flexbar Logo


  • Many Unique Products and Innovative Solutions
  • Metrology Replica, Proofing, and Inspection Materials
  • Electronic and Air Gaging Systems, Bore, Groove, Thread, Concentricy Gaging
  • Vision / Optical Inspection Systems
  • Borescopes
  • Machine Tool Accessories
Fowler Logo


  • Bore Gages, Holemikes, Holematic Pistol Grips
  • Calipers
  • Calibration, Horizontal, and Setting Instruments
  • Depth, Countersink, Fixed Limit (pins, balls), Drill and Wire, Angle, Radius
  • Gage Blocks, Masters, Rings, Surface Plates
  • Height Gages and Tool Presetters
  • Hardness and Roughness
  • Indicators - Dial, Electronic, Test
  • Wyler Levels, Inclinometers, and Transducers
  • Linear Scales
  • Layout Accessories - Stands, Bases, Blocks, Sine Bars and Plates, Vices, 123 Blocks, Parallel Blocks
  • Micrometers
  • Optical - Magnifiers, Comparators, Microscopes
  • Probes, Amplifiers, Digital Readouts
  • Rulers, Squares, Protractors
  • SPC Equipment and Software
GAL Logo

G.A.L Gage Co.

  • Manufactures high-quality precision weld measuring gages for Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Hydraulics, Railroad, Ship Building and many other industries.
  • Alignment, Measurement, and Weld Measuring Gages
  • Socket Weld Contraction Rings
  • Fillet, Taper, Radius, Marine Profile, Undercut, and many other template gages
GSG Logo

Glastonbury Southern Gage

  • Cylindrical Plug Gages
  • Cylindrical Ring Gages
  • Part Masters
  • Thread Gages - Thread Plugs, Pipe Thread Plugs, Thread Rings, Variable Thread Gages
  • Adjustable Limit Snap Gages
  • Zero Spindles for precision runout and concentricity measurement
  • Special Arbors and Chucks


Gage Assembly Logo

Gage Assembly

  • Gage Assembly manufactures gages to all of the common ANSI Thread Series Designations
  • Thread Gages - Plugs and Rings - Acme, Metric, Preplate, Whitworth, Buttress, British, Special Pipe, Multiple Lead
  • Plug Gages
  • Ring Gages
Hawkeye Logo


  • Rigid Borescopes
  • Flexible Borescopes
  • Video Borescopes
  • UV and white light sources, fixturing, accessories


heidenhain Logo


  • Linear Encoders - Absolute/Incremental, Sealed/Exposed
  • Length Gages
  • Angle and Rotary Encoders, Magnetic Modular Encoders
  • Digital Readouts


Hemco Logo

Hemco Corporation

  • Cylindrical Gages - Reversible Plugs, Taperlock Plugs, Master Discs, Cylindrical Rings, Plain Taper Gages
  • Thread Gages - Trilock Reversibles, Wire Reversibles, Special Thread Gages, Master Setting Plugs and Rings, API, Pipe Plugs, Pipe Rings
  • Bench Depth Checking Gage - Depth, Taper, Countersink, Groove Location
IandR Logo

I & R Partners

  • Industrial Handheld Data Collector
  • DC-Stat ShopFloor Mobile Data Collection Software




  • Full Line of hand tools - calipers, micrometers, indicators, fixturing, accessories
  • Test and Measuring Instruments


Interapid Logo


  • Bore Gage
  • Indicators
  • Groove Gages
  • Test Stands
Jenoptik Logo


  • Optical
  • Surface Finish
  • Contour/Form
  • Geometry
LMI Logo

LMI - Linear Measurement Instruments, Corp.

  • Flush and Gap Gages
  • LaserGauge
  • Surface Probes
  • TruPosition Gages
  • Data Collectors, Wireless Solutions, Software
  • Handheld Probes and Gages
  • AutoGage Systems
  • Shop Hardened Indicators
Leitech Logo


  • COMBI Thread size and Depth Gage
  • Variable Torque Control Thread Gage Driver
Magnescale Logo


  • Digital Gage - Probes
  • Magnescale - Linear, DigiRuler Encoders
  • Digital Readouts
Mahr Logo

Mahr / Mahr Federal

  • Indicators - Dial, Digital, microMaxum
  • Air Gaging
  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Surface Finish
  • Contour
  • Geometry


Marposs Logo


  • ID - Bore Gages
  • OD - Snap and Ring Gages
  • Probes and Measurement Transmission Systems
  • Indicators and Display Units
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Modular Quick Set Benches
  • Machine Gaging
Meyer Gage Logo

Meyer Gage

  • Plug Gages
  • Pin Gages and Pin Gage Libraries
  • Ring Gages
  • Trilock Gages
  • Taperlock Gages
  • Thread Gages
Microridge Logo


  • Wireless data collection technology
  • Transmitters
  • Base Units
  • Mobile Base Units
Mitutoyo Logo


  • Micrometers, Micrometer Heads
  • Inside Measuring Instruments
  • Calipers
  • Height Gages
  • Depth Gages
  • Gage Blocks
  • Granite Surface Plates
  • Indicators - Dial and Digital
  • Linear Gages
  • Laser Micrometers
  • Digital Scale and DRO Systems
  • Form Measuring - Surface Roughness Instruments
  • Form Measuring - Contour Instruments
  • Optical Measuring
  • Hardness Testing Machines
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
Mueller Logo

Mueller Gages

  • Shallow Diameter Gages
  • Groove Diameter Gages
  • Deep Groove Gage
  • Groove Location and Depth Gage
  • Pitch Diameter Gage for Gears and Splines
  • Reference Masters
PhaseII Logo

Phase II

  • Hardness Testers
  • Surface Roughness
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gages
  • Coating Thickness Gages
  • Durometers
  • Force Gages
  • Vibration Meters
  • Optical Instruments
  • Precision Measuring Tools
PDI Logo

Precision Devices, Inc. (PDI)

  • Surface Finish Instruments
  • Roundness Measurement
  • Ball Arbors and Chucks
  • Sweep Gages
  • Custom Expanding Mandrels
Rayco Logo

Rayco CMM Fixture

  • CMM and Vision System Fixturing
  • Plates - 1/4-20, M4, M8 Threaded Plates - Solid and Clear
  • Clamping Fixtures
  • Vacuum Fixtures


Renishaw Logo


  • CMM Probe Heads - Scanning Probes, Touch Probe
  • CMM Stylii
  • CMM Diagnostics
  • Machine Tool Diagnostics
  • Laser Encoders
  • Position Encoders - Linear, Rotary/Angle


ReproRubber Logo


  • Metrology-Grade Rubber casting compounds for a variety of applications
  • Thin Pour - for fully contained internal dimensions
  • Medium Body - for tight tolerance internal or surface characteristics
  • Quicksetting Putty - for external and vented internal characteristics




  • Electric Cylinders
  • Linear Actuators
  • Linear / Rotary Actuators
  • Linear Slide Actuators
  • Gripper Actuators
  • XY Stage Actuators
  • Multi-Axis Systems
  • Multi-Pole Actuators
  • Controllers and Amplifiers
ST Industries Logoi

S-T Industries

  • Optical Comparators - Horizontal, Vertical
  • Video Inspection Systems
  • Precision Measuring Tools - Micrometers, Calipers, Height Gages, Bore Gages
  • Lapping Machines
Sheffield Logo


  • CMM - CNC Vertical, Manual
  • PC-DMIS-EMS, MeasureMax
  • TESASTAR Probing System
  • ScanShark Laser Probe
  • CMM-V Vision Probe
Solartron Logo


  • Orbit Network System
  • Gaging Probes
  • Specialist Probes
  • Displacement Transducers
  • Linear Encoders
  • Interface Electronics / Instruments and Displays
  • WiGage Wireless Bore Gage
Stahlwille Logo


  • Tool Storage
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Torque Products
  • Special Automotive Tools
Starrett Logo


  • Micrometers
  • Slide Calipers
  • Height Gages
  • Depth Gages
  • Indicators and Gages
  • Bore Gages
  • Tool Sets
  • Gage Amplifiers, Hardness and Surface Testers
  • Squares
  • Precision Rules, Straight Edges, Parallels
  • Protractors, Angle Measurements
  • Calipers, Dividers, Trammels
  • Hole and Slot Gages
  • Fixed Gage Standards
  • Machinist's Precision Shop Tools
  • Machinist's Levels
  • Starrett-Webber Gage Blocks
  • Precision Ground Flat Stock and Drill Rod
  • Granite Surface Plates and Accessories
Suburban Tool Logo

Suburban Tool, Inc.

  • 1-2-3, Setup, and Tri-Blocks
  • Angle Blocks, Irons, and Plates
  • Angle Checking and Setting Tools
  • Bench Centers and Accessories
  • Precision Cube
  • Index Fixtures
  • Magnetic Tools
  • Optical Comparators and Accessories
  • Pallet Fixtures, Tombstones, and Tooling Plates
  • Parallels and Straight Edges
  • Planar Gage
  • Sine Tools
  • Squares
  • V-Blocks
  • Vices and Sine Vices
Sun-Tec Logo

Sun-Tec Corporation

  • Hardness Testers
  • Rockwell
  • Vickers/Knoop
  • Metallographic
  • Microscope
  • Brinell
  • Ductility
  • Tensile and Compression



Sylvac Logo


  • Calipers
  • Scribing Instruments
  • Micrometers
  • Depth Gages
  • Digital Indicators
  • Measuring Stands
  • Internal Measuring Tools
  • Digital Scales
  • Measuring Probes
  • Digital Displays
  • Height Gages
  • Bench Micrometers
Tesa Logo


  • Calipers
  • Micrometers - External and Internal
  • Large Dimension Gages
  • Indicators - Dial and Digital
  • Test Indicators
  • Comparative Measurements
  • Measuring Stands and Fixtures
  • Straightness, Angle, and Inclination Measurement
  • Length and Angle Standards
  • Calibration Equipment
  • Surface Roughness
  • Height Gages
  • Electronic Length Measurement
  • Air Gaging
  • Optical Measurement
  • 3 Axis Measurement


Tohnichi Logo


  • Torque Screwdrivers
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Torque Testing Equipment
  • Power Torque Tools
  • Marking Torque Equipment
  • Specialty Torque Equipment and Accessories
Trimos Logo


  • Height Gages
  • Bench Gages
  • Surface Finish
  • Tool Presetters
V Gage Logo

V Gage

  • Column Gages



Van Keuren Logo

Van Keuren

  • Unified Thread Gages
  • Metric Thread Gages
  • Master Setting Discs
  • Cylindrical Plug and Ring Gages
  • Tapered Pipe Gages
  • API Thread Gages


Wyler Logo


  • Precision Spirit Levels and Clinometer
  • Electronic Measuring Instruments and Systems
  • Inclination Measuring Sensors
  • Software for Inclination Measurement


Tohnichi LogoPride Gage Welcomes Tohnichi Torque Products to our extensive list of measurement equipment and products.  Tohnichi first earned a reputation in the auto industry as a leader in torque innovations among the major Japanese automotive manufacturers.


Hawkeye LogoPride Gage welcomes Hawkeye Borescopes to our already extensive line of gaging and metrology products.

For over 20 years, Gradient Lens Corporation has designed, engineered, and manufactured precision optics and optical instruments.


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