What is a Fixed Limit Gage?

A fixed limit gage is a tool of a specific geometric shape manufactured to a known dimension based on certain criteria. Examples of fixed limit gages are: Plug gages, Thread Gages, Rings, Discs, Gage Blocks. These can be custom or follow AGD standards. 

Fixed Limit Gage Manufacturers

  • Brown and Sharpe
  • Diatest
  • Flexbar
  • Fowler
  • Gage Assembly
  • GlastonBury Southern Gage
  • Hemco
  • Insize
  • Leitech
  • Mahr
  • Meyer Gage
  • Mitutoyo
  • Mueller Gage
  • Starrett
  • Van Keuren
  • Vermont
  • Western Gage Corporation