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Measurement equipment must be built to very high standards and much tighter tolerances than the parts they measure.  In addition, this equipment is generally serviced and calibrated at least once a year, and a great deal of it resides in a controlled environment, protected from temperature extremes, humidity, and even vibration.  These factors combine to make used gaging and measurement equipment a worthwhile investment.

In addition to helping you find worthy equipment on the used market, we can help you sell some of your used equipment that is no longer used.  In some cases, we may already have a buyer looking and can help you offset the cost of your new equipment by aligning you with a buyer for equipment that no longer meets your needs.

We may list some equipment in this section from time to time, but it is not a comprehensive list of what is available.  Please call one of our Sales Engineers, and if we do not currently have what you are looking for, we can "put the feelers out" into our vast network and often come up with a solution.

Used measurement equipment!?!!? Why not?  There are many reasons used measurement equipment can be worth looking at...

  1. "High end" measurement equipment is often kept in work spaces with very tightly controlled environments and used only by highly skilled, fully capable metrology technicians.
  2. "Dedicated" measurement equipment is often retired at the end of a production run, well before the end of its useful life
  3. Any high precision gage must be built to very high standards, using only quality components, to be capable of the task it is designed to perform.  Because of this, a great deal of it can be refurbished to "like new" condition for a small percentage of the value of the equipment.
  4. Gages require annual (or even more frequent) calibrations - Thorough cleaning and basic maintenance is part of the certification process, ensuring that the gages have been regularly maintained.
  5. Many gaging principles have not changed - While some electonic gaging can become obsolete quickly, the basics of gage design have not changed.  It is true that some of the older equipment is very heavy and bulky, but we routinely have customers tell us to "keep your eyes our" for a particular instrument, or even the mechanical parts of one, so it can be retrofitted at a fraction of the cost of new.
  • Have equipment you want to sell?  Call us - there is a good chance we may come across a buyer.
  • Want to save some money over buying new?  Call us - we may know someone who has what you are looking for.
  • In either case, we can't help you if we don't know what you have or are looking for.

So what is the catch?  As with anything used, there can be some bad deals and in some cases, it makes sense to buy new to avoid known issues.  We can help you make those decisions.  Our goal is to help you find what you need at a fair price - used or new.


Pride Gage Welcomes Hawkeye Borescopes

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For over 20 years, Gradient Lens Corporation has designed, engineered, and manufactured precision optics and optical instruments.

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Pride Gage Welcomes Tohnichi Torque Products

Tohnichi LogoPride Gage Welcomes Tohnichi Torque Products to our extensive list of measurement equipment and products.  Tohnichi first earned a reputation in the auto industry as a leader in torque innovations among the major Japanese automotive manufacturers.

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