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If you can't find it in the catalog, then a custom solution may fit your needs.  Custom gaging and equipment covers the full spectrum.  It can be as simple as modifying an item from a catalog to add capability or to make it more robust for a particular application.  Conversely, it can be as complex as an automated, inline inspection machine measuring multiple features and recording statistical data.  Regardless of how simple or complex, they are most often as unique as the parts they are designed to measure.

Call one of our Sales Engineers to discuss your project.  We have experience in all aspects of custom gaging and would be happy to design a solution for you.

To break it down, "Custom" really just means that it is unique.  Every solution that is built requires a design - hence "Design and Build".  These solutions can be as simple as modifying an existing gage or instrument to give it more/better/different functionality, or can be as complex as designing a fixture to check a large number of features at one time, automatically or manually.  Regardless of your need, we can help you develop a solution for it, and often for less than you might think.  Contact one of our gaging engineers to discuss how viable "Custom" gages really are.  You may be surprised at how easy it can be.

Below are some examples of simple solutions we have developed for our customers.  Click here for a PDF to share with others in your organization.  In every case, the customer determined exactly what they wanted to accomplish, and we worked within those boundaries to find a solution that worked.  We don't like to spend money where we don't need to, and neither do our customers.  We look for simple, economic ways to accomplish your objectives without costing a lot of money.  We are not getting wealthy, but we do make a living working hard for satisfied customers and enjoy doing it.  Give us a call.

The Challenge

  The Solution
  • Stepped shaft with tight diameter tolerances
  • 100% inspection/sort requirement - must be fast
  • Easy operation
  • Highly visual
Marposs Merlin air fixture
  • 3 circuit, 2 point diameter fixture (air)
  • Carbide gaging surfaces, air ports
  • Marposs electronics, Merlin controller
  • Touchscreen
  • "Live" display for speed
  • Graphic column display w/Red, Yellow, Green and Go/NoGo light tree
  • Accurate bore measurement
  • High volume, shop floor environment
  • Fast changeover
  • Minimize cost while not losing accuracy or repeatability
Diatest Plug with MicroMaxum Indicator
  • Interchangeable Diatest bore plugs
  • Mahr-Federal ?Maxum indicator
  • Metal protective indicator housing
  • Fabricated coupling
  • Accurate slot width
  • Robust, repeatable measurement
  • Easy maintenance
Slot Width gage
  • Slot width using common bore gage concept and components
  • Standard housing and indicator
  • Surface finish on very small land
  • Different sized components
  • Use existing surface finish equipment
  • "Shop Floor" environment
Surface Finish Location Jig
  • Fixture both part and profilometer drive unit
  • Interchangeable jigs to set part distance
  • Steel housing around drive unit to protect delicate stylii
  • Cam detail to prevent breakage on stylus when initiating measurement
  • Measure chamfer at the bottom of a deep pocket
  • Use standard components to ease in repairs
Deep Chamfer Gage
  • Use standard housing, chamfer detail, and indicator
  • Fabricate extension and internal rod
  • Tight tolerance ID
  • Minimize motion
  • Simple to operate
Surface mounted bore gage
  • Diatest bore gage with electronic probe and separate digital display
  • Build the gage into the work surface with depth stop for repeatable measurement location (operator only needs to move the part and avoids setting part then performing gaging operation in 2 different steps)
  • Incoming inspection for hole sizes
  • 4 OD checks
  • 12 ID checks
  • Data collection
  • Instant readings
  • Easy to operate
Multiple Diameter Gaging Station
  • Mahr Dimentron plug gage for ID holes - palm button activated into position
  • Marposs column for ID plug display
  • Marposs Merlin touch-screen display and controller for 4 consecutive OD results
  • Marposs probes
  • Custom designed and built fixture and stand
  • Incoming inspection of engine head features
  • Go/NoGo inspectino of hole locations
  • Ability to check variable location on NoGo result
  • Move heavy part in the gage
  • Portable
Hole Locations
  • MMC pins for Go/NoGo hole locatinos
  • MMC pins can be removed to use a sweep gage to report variable location
  • Roller table to aid in moving part
  • Center jig added to rotate part and transfer from station #1 to station #2
  • Heavy steel frame placed on wheels
  • Gaging station with numerous characteristics
  • Wireless data collection required
  • Gages from various manufacturers
  • Existing data collection software
Wireless Bore Gages
  • Sequenced gages in UHMW "template" storage table
  • Microridge wireless transmitters to work with multiple digital gages and existing software package
  • Runout and Diameter Inspection
  • Very tight tolerance
  • High Volume
  • Easy to use, one button operation
  • Robust fixture with replaceable components
RO Fixture
  • OEM 0.000025" R/O "zero spindle" for easy replacement
  • Heavy duty frame to eliminate vibration
  • Marposs electronics used - matching components to other fixtures to reduce spare parts inventory




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