This category of the FAQ includes topics of a general nature that are not covered in other areas.  Browse around to find what you are looking for, or call us and let us answer your questions.

Gage Selection covers topics specific to selecting the correct gage for the job.  There are many ways to accomplish a task, but some are better than others.  Read more to help you make your decision, then call us to get a quote.  You will never have a reason to go anywhere else.

You can measure just about anything.  In this area, we present information specific to various features and characteristics, and factors to consider for each.  The language is in laymen's terms, and while we may touch on a few advanced topics, it is really only intended as a general reference.  Questions requiring advanced knowledge are best left to a phone call with one of our experience Sales Engineers.  Call us and let us help.

There is a standard covering just about every topic in measurement, from diameters to surface finish.  These standards are authored by experts in the respective field of measurement and many are referenced by engineering drawings to help clarify specific information.  If you work for a company, your engineering group probably has these standards available, or you can buy them from the standards organizations.  The cost of these standards supports the efforts of the groups and individuals responsible for their creation.

This section covers questions related to standards, as well as presenting some "rules of thumb" used by laymen and measurement professionals.

"Why should I memorize something I can so easily look up?"  Albert Einstein claimed never to remember anything he can look up in 2 minutes.  If it is good enough for him, it is good enough for us.

Anyone involved in measurement knows there are certain documents that prove timeless.  You find yourself going back to them time and time again.  Here they are.  Bookmark this page and it will take far less than 2 minutes.


Pride Gage Welcomes Hawkeye Borescopes

Hawkeye LogoPride Gage welcomes Hawkeye Borescopes to our already extensive line of gaging and metrology products.

For over 20 years, Gradient Lens Corporation has designed, engineered, and manufactured precision optics and optical instruments.

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Pride Gage Welcomes Tohnichi Torque Products

Tohnichi LogoPride Gage Welcomes Tohnichi Torque Products to our extensive list of measurement equipment and products.  Tohnichi first earned a reputation in the auto industry as a leader in torque innovations among the major Japanese automotive manufacturers.

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