Mike Smith-Gonzalez

I joined Pride Gage in 2017 as a Sales Engineer. Prior to Pride Gage, I was the Director of Quality at Winona PVD and the Quality Manager at Shiloh Ind. Pierceton location. I am also a ASQ board member since 2011. I am a graduate of Indiana Tech, where I majored in Bachelor of Science with concentrations in Management and Management of Information Systems. I currently live in Huntertown, Indiana with my wife and kids. I met and dealt with Pride Gage early in my career of Quality. I was a customer for many years. The owner and I had many conversations about if I were ever ready to make a change, he would love to have me join Pride Gage. Pride Gage is a great company to be a part of, we have many of the leading metrology companies in many industries. This makes it easy to help the customer find the best solution for their needs. There is no better feeling than to help someone find the best solution for their problem or needs.